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Monday, 16 September 2019

How To Face A Hard-Headed Wife (8 Pictures)


One problem that husbands find difficult to deal with is their stubborn, devious and angry wife. It is not easy to reach a stubborn wife, if the husband's ego is a real struggle and a divorce can happen. Every couple living will have problems, especially husbands and wives, and things are normal. This shows that you are experiencing an improvement in a relationship. To your knowledge, when it comes to marriage there are many factors that make a wife change. And below are  some ways to deal with a stubborn, stubborn and stubborn wife.

1. Control your emotions In order to reach emotional wives, you need to wait for their emotions to subside. While waiting, you need to control your own emotions, to avoid bigger problems. so that they do not sweep. Angry and stubborn people usually build fortifications without being attacked by opponents. If you try to invade the fort, the decision will be more difficult as the fort will not collapse easily. So wait for the right time to discuss. What to do, be patient when it comes to wife. Wait a minute ....

2. Understanding the Causes of Wife's Anger The way to deal with a stubborn wife is to identify the root cause of the problem. For example   your wife is the youngest child. Everything must be obeyed , and at times some are not obeyed. or it may be that your wife is upset because  of your unpleasant attitude, so you need to know why your wife is angry.

3. Communicating Openly / Honestly Communication is the key to success in a relationship. Good and open communication will make this relationship more lasting. In contrast, if everything is kept in the heart, it will lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, communicate well and honestly between spouses. These are the beginning tips for a newly married couple. When fighting, make sure you talk softly and don't offend your wife. Use good words, because  speaking well is also a way of calming your unstable wife's emotions. Then  think before answering.

4. Avoid High Tones Avoid using high tones so that the message in question is well communicated. Especially if it contains advice. No one advises using high pitch.

5. Listen Carefully Listen carefully and keep your mouth shut for a while.  Let your wife reveal everything in her heart. In fact, these stubborn wives sometimes just ask to be heard. Unfortunately not many husbands out there understand this because they feel tired after working all day in the office.
In fact, a wife's job as a housewife, or an office worker, is just as exhausting as a husband's. And when they are upset or angry with you, "listen to it" will soon be over.

6. Apologize And Smile Suppose you know you are wrong in this case. But apologizing and admitting to mistakes, will not make the position of honor a husband. Apologizing can turn a hot situation into a red state. In addition, your apology can also lower your wife's level of courage and anger. Besides sorry, try to smile in such a situation. But no need to overdo it. Smile with a smile that can melt other people's hearts. With a smile your wife will also change, from angry to slightly embarrassed.

7. The fire's patience cannot be suppressed by fire. As well as dealing with a stubborn wife, just keep her cool. Although at first the problem cannot be resolved immediately, at least the problem does not go away.

Remember the patient here is not meant to give up or ignore. Patience is meant to be a waiting period for certainty.