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Monday, 16 September 2019

Cucumber Includes female genitalia


Before that the story was either not true or false because there was some unidentified information such as the hospital's name and the woman's name. But there are some websites that report this story. 
 The story begins with a woman being rushed to the hospital with a cucumber attached to her secret tool!  The 51-year-old from Bangkok, Thailand was taken to hospital after complaining of pain in her vagina. She told the doctor that she had fallen while she was home and that it was coincidentally exactly where she fell, causing the fruit to fall into her genitals. He said the cucumber was 'suddenly in it' and 'it was just an accident',

The story was also reported on Thai TV, with reporters saying that hospital staff did not believe the woman's story. However, they managed to remove the cucumber and reduce the pain it suffered.  - source