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Monday, 16 September 2019

6 Pictures of How to Recycle Rubber Shoes in Africa


"Re" refers to "to do again" and "cycle" refers to "round". Therefore, "Recycle" refers to putting something in the cycle. We recycle it by isolating waste, and then distribute it to organizations or factories that reprocess it into new products for our use. An international symbol for recycling is Mobius Loop, a special circle that suggests a continuous cycle

According to the Solid Waste and Public Waste Management Act 2007 (Act 672), recycling means collecting and isolating solid waste for the purpose of producing products.

Unused rubber shoes will be collected and brought down here for repairs to animal-shaped souvenirs such as elephants, lions, pigs and more. Their main purpose is to help the African people generate income and thus help the government to promote the country.

Creative ways of Recycling Rubber Shoes in Africa