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Sunday, 24 November 2019

5 Foods That Damage The Kidney

Kidney plays a very important role in our body, because the function of the kidneys is to remove unnecessary waste in our body through urine, and kidneys can also produce hormones, and filter out toxins.

By understanding the function of the kidneys or kidneys, you should take action from now on by reducing 5 types of foods that can damage  or harm your kidneys. 

1. Avocado Fruit

Although avocado is well known for its nutritional value  , it can be harmful to your kidneys, especially if you have kidney disease. Fruit  avocados  have a very high content of calcium. To your knowledge the function of calcium in our body  is 

  1. Reconstructing broken bones, 
  2. Controls the  contraction of the heart pumping blood all over the body.
  3. Calcium can act as a natural tranquilizer that can reduce pain.

But too much calcium in the blood can cause serious problems like muscle cramps and irregular heartbeats.

. Meat

Eating too much meat can cause kidney problems, because animal protein can be very difficult to metabolize , and can put pressure on your kidneys. For your information, meat has a high amount of purine that will produce uric acid, and it is one of the leading causes of kidney stones. You are encouraged to eat more vegetables and nuts, as these ingredients are high in protein for your body. 3. Salt

A healthy diet should contain a maximum of 2,300 mg of sodium per day (about one teaspoon of salt). If you eat too much salt, your kidneys will have to work hard to get rid of excess sodium. To keep your kidneys healthy, you can add herbs and spices to your diet instead of using salt.

 4. Banana Fruit

If you feel like you have kidney problems, be sure to eat less bananas. This is because bananas have very high calcium content. For healthy adults, they need about  3,500 to 4,700 mg of calcium. Banana fruit has a calcium content of  537 mg  which is 150 grams of banana weight. Keep in mind, if you have kidney disease, your intake of potassium should be lower as your body cannot filter out excess calcium. 

5. Milk

Although the top ten dairy products are rich in vitamins and nutrients, too much milk or yogurt and cheese can do more harm than good to your body. This is because a high amount of phosphorus in your diet can put pressure on your kidneys. Also, if your kidneys are not functioning properly, your kidneys will not be able to release additional phosphorus from your blood and this may cause your bones to become thinner and weaker over time and may increase the risk of bone loss. Source
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World's Largest Frog (5 Pictures)

The largest frog in the world is a frog known as the Goliath Frog or its scientific name is ConrauaGoliath. The frog is listed in endangered animals whose population has declined over the last 18 years.

Why is the world's largest frog less and less? because of the will of humans who believe that the frog is nourishing so that this type of frog is hunted like wild meat. Also this type of frog is sold in exotic pet markets. According to the  International Union for Conservation of Nature  (IUCN) the Goliath frog is endangered as the species declines by 50 percent in its population.

Maybe in the next 10 or 20 years we will never see and see this Goliath frog.  To your knowledge, the frog grows up to 30 cm in size and can reach 3 kg to 3.33 kg. 

These frogs usually spend the night and sit on the rocks to find food. Goliath frogs are commonly found in West African countries, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

What fascinates the world's largest frog is that it is  one of the oldest amphibians in the world. As such, Goliath existed for the past 250 years in the dinosaur era The frog is said to live up to 15 years. Source

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Monday, 16 September 2019

The World's Largest Crocodile (14 Pictures)

Crocodiles are ancient animals that survive today. To become the world's largest crocodile, it needs large habitats and abundant food sources.  From time to time there must be new discoveries about crocodiles, there may still be some huge crocodiles out there that have never been seen. The picture below is one of the largest crocodiles in the world that has been captured. Most successful crocodiles are caught dying within months or years.

This crocodile is known as Puento Noire, one of the biggest animals that humans have ever encountered. These animals are rarely found, as their habitat is in remote coastal waters. It is about 17.71 feet or 5.39 meters in size. Due to its size, the animal is capable of eating larger prey than humans, including humans.

Gomek is a crocodile that lives in salt water, and has a very large body size of about 7.1 meters and is capable of growing. This crocodile weighs in at 1,114.27 kg. 
Gomek was captured by George Craig in Papua New Guinea. He was bought by Terri and Arthur Jones in 1985 and kept in Ocala, Florida, for five years before being sold to the Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Augustine in Florida. Gomek died of heart disease on March 6, 1997. At that time, the gomek was the oldest crocodile, and one of the largest crocodiles caught and survived. The last size of the gome is 5.42 meters.

Cassius is a saltwater crocodile previously recognized  by Guinness World Records as the world's largest crocodile in captivity in 2011. 

etapi lost the title in 2012, as there was a larger crocodile than Cassius.  Cassius has a body size of 5.48 meters long and weighs about 2,200 lb and is estimated to be over 110 years old. 

The crocodile known as Brutus is a mercury crocodile. Because it's so big and every month it gets bigger. 

The crocodile is estimated to be 5.5 meters long and weighs 890 kg. But this crocodile does not have enough features on its legs.

Lolong is the largest crocodile ever caught on the Bunawan river in the Philippine province of Agusan del Sur on September 3, 2011 
Lolong is a saline crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) that measures 6.17 meters in length and weighs 1,075 kg. Howl died on  February 10, 2013, at  8 pm in  detention  as a result  of inflammation of the lungs - lungs.

The Kalia crocodile comes from the Bhutanese Garden in the state of Orissa, India. This crocodile lives in salt water. And it is estimated that it weighs about 2000 kg while 6 meters long. The measurement accuracy can not be verified, and there is no longer a crocodile image Kalia, the above picture is just hiasan.- source
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How To Face A Hard-Headed Wife (8 Pictures)

One problem that husbands find difficult to deal with is their stubborn, devious and angry wife. It is not easy to reach a stubborn wife, if the husband's ego is a real struggle and a divorce can happen. Every couple living will have problems, especially husbands and wives, and things are normal. This shows that you are experiencing an improvement in a relationship. To your knowledge, when it comes to marriage there are many factors that make a wife change. And below are  some ways to deal with a stubborn, stubborn and stubborn wife.

1. Control your emotions In order to reach emotional wives, you need to wait for their emotions to subside. While waiting, you need to control your own emotions, to avoid bigger problems. so that they do not sweep. Angry and stubborn people usually build fortifications without being attacked by opponents. If you try to invade the fort, the decision will be more difficult as the fort will not collapse easily. So wait for the right time to discuss. What to do, be patient when it comes to wife. Wait a minute ....

2. Understanding the Causes of Wife's Anger The way to deal with a stubborn wife is to identify the root cause of the problem. For example   your wife is the youngest child. Everything must be obeyed , and at times some are not obeyed. or it may be that your wife is upset because  of your unpleasant attitude, so you need to know why your wife is angry.

3. Communicating Openly / Honestly Communication is the key to success in a relationship. Good and open communication will make this relationship more lasting. In contrast, if everything is kept in the heart, it will lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, communicate well and honestly between spouses. These are the beginning tips for a newly married couple. When fighting, make sure you talk softly and don't offend your wife. Use good words, because  speaking well is also a way of calming your unstable wife's emotions. Then  think before answering.

4. Avoid High Tones Avoid using high tones so that the message in question is well communicated. Especially if it contains advice. No one advises using high pitch.

5. Listen Carefully Listen carefully and keep your mouth shut for a while.  Let your wife reveal everything in her heart. In fact, these stubborn wives sometimes just ask to be heard. Unfortunately not many husbands out there understand this because they feel tired after working all day in the office.
In fact, a wife's job as a housewife, or an office worker, is just as exhausting as a husband's. And when they are upset or angry with you, "listen to it" will soon be over.

6. Apologize And Smile Suppose you know you are wrong in this case. But apologizing and admitting to mistakes, will not make the position of honor a husband. Apologizing can turn a hot situation into a red state. In addition, your apology can also lower your wife's level of courage and anger. Besides sorry, try to smile in such a situation. But no need to overdo it. Smile with a smile that can melt other people's hearts. With a smile your wife will also change, from angry to slightly embarrassed.

7. The fire's patience cannot be suppressed by fire. As well as dealing with a stubborn wife, just keep her cool. Although at first the problem cannot be resolved immediately, at least the problem does not go away.

Remember the patient here is not meant to give up or ignore. Patience is meant to be a waiting period for certainty.
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